on this conference and submission of abstracts
please see the Elsevier webpage

The Sixteenth International Conference on
Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing

16-19 September 2019
Riva Del Garda Congress Centre, Lake Garda, Italy

on this conference and submission of abstracts
please see the Elsevier webpage


This is the sixteenth in the CIVIL-COMP series of conferences concerned with the application of computers to civil, structural and environmental engineering. The first Civil-Comp Conference was held in 1983. The conference will provide a forum for the presentation and dissemination of recent developments in the use of computers in civil, structural and environmental engineering. A major objective of the conference will be to link research and innovative ideas to engineering practice. Presentations describing technology transfer from recent research projects to practical projects are encouraged.

This conference runs concurrently with CIVIL-COMP-OPTI 2019: The Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing and Optimization in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. Participants may attend sessions, lectures and presentations from either conference.

Journal Special Issues and Author Seminar

Authors of accepted abstracts who present their papers at the conference may submit their full papers for review for publication in one of the two conference special issues of the international "Computers and Structures" and "Advances in Engineering Software".

Final papers should comply with the aims and scope of the journals to which they are submitted and make a clear contribution to the state of the art.

An Author Seminar will be held during the conference. Authors who wish to submit to the journal special issues are encouraged to attend the Author Seminar where they will hear some essential tips to aid in the preparation of their journal special issue papers. The speakers at the Author Seminar will be Carrie Christensen (Publisher, Elsevier, New York) and Professor Barry Topping (Editor of the Special Issues).

Conference Venue, Session Times and Conference Dinner

The conference venue will be the Riva Del Garda Congress Centre, Lake Garda, Italy. The conference opening session will be at 5pm on 16th September. Parallel Sessions will be timetabled on the 17th, 18th and 19th September from 08.30 to 18.00.

A welcome drinks party will be held after the opening session on the 16th September. An optional conference dinner will be held on the evening of the 18th September. Lunches, tea and coffee breaks are included on 17th, 18th and 19th September.

Conference Invited Lectures

List currently being prepared - please check back later to see the updated list.

Conference Special Sessions

  • CC 1. "Analysis, Modelling and Design of Masonry Structures"
    Professor Bassam A Izzuddin, Dr Lorenzo Macorini and Dr Corrado Chisari, United Kingdom
  • CC 2. "Computational Developments for Railway Applications"
    Professor Joao Pombo, United Kingdom, Dr Enrico Meli, Italy, Dr. Pedro Antunes, UK and Dr Valeri Markine, The Netherlands
  • CC 3. "Linear and Non-Linear Dynamics"
    Dr Jiri Naprstek, Czech Republic and Professor J.R. Banerjee, UK
  • CC 4. "Computational Issues for Sustainable Urban Environments"
    Dr Anatoli Vassiljev, Estonia
  • CC 5. "Multi-Hazard Performance-Based Design of Structures"
    Dr A. Palmeri, United Kingdom
  • CC 6. "Computational Masonry Modelling"
    Professor Gabriele Milani, Professor Antonio Formisano and Professor Francesco Clementi Italy
  • CC 7. "Multiscale, Multiphase and Multiphysics Modeling of Geomaterials"
    Professor C. Majorana and Dr V. Salomoni, Italy
  • CC 8. "Advances in Multilayered Composites Modeling for Aerospace, Marine, and Automotive Applications."
    Dr Alexander Tessler, USA, Professor Marco Di Sciuva, Italy and Professor Marco Gherlone, Italy
  • CC 9. "Analysis, Modelling and Design of Timber Structures"
    Dr Hexin Zhang, Scotland, UK
  • CC 10. "Dynamics, Control, and Identification of Structural Systems"
    Dr. Carmine Pappalardo and Dr Marco C. De Simone, Italy
  • CC 11. "Seismic Design, Assessment and Retrofitting of Structures"
    Professor Humberto Varum, Portugal
  • CC 12. "Modelling (Multi-Phase) Porous Media"
    Professor Eduard Rohan, Czech Republic
  • CC 13. "Modelling of Composite Materials and Structures"
    Dr D. Yang, United Kingdom
  • CC 14. "Computer Software Development for the Next and Future Eurocodes"
    Professor John W. Bull, United Kingdom
  • CC 15. "High Performance Computing for Engineering Simulation and Design"
    Professor P. Ivanyi, Hungary
  • CC 16. "Structural Health Monitoring and Model Updating for Heritage Structures"
    Dr M. Girardi, Italy, Professor P.B. Lourenco, Portugal, Dr M.G. Masciotta, Portugal and Dr. D. Pellegrini, Italy
  • CC 17. "Theory and Applications of Nanomechanics"
    Professor Ginevra Salerno, Italy and Professor Nicola L. Rizzi, Italy
  • CC 18. "Reduced Order Modeling for Data Assimilation in Structural Health Monitoring"
    Professor Alberto Corigliano, Professor Andrea Manzoni and Professor Stefano Mariani, Italy
  • CC 19. "Structural Control and Heath Monitoring of Bridges"
    Professor L.M. Simoes and Professor Fernando Ferreira, Portugal
  • CC 20. "Space, Tension and Tensegrity Structures"
    Professor Stanislav Kmet, Slovakia
  • CC 21. "Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling for Complex Materials (MMCM13)"
    Professor Patrizia Trovalusci, Dr Nicholas Fantuzzi and Dr Egidio Lofrano, Italy
  • CC 22. "Structural Analysis of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures"
    Professor J.G. Santos da Silva, Brazil and Professor L.F. Costa Neves, Portugal
  • CC 23. "Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering of Buildings, Bridges and Critical Infrastructure"
    Professor A. Sextos, United Kingdom
  • CC 24. "Railway Induced Vibrations on Bridges and Building Structures"
    Dr M.D. Martinez-Rodrigo, Spain
  • CC 25. "Analysis and Assessment of Industrial Heritage Buildings and Structures"
    Dr Jiri Brozovsky, Czech Republic
  • CC 26. "Efficient and Reliable Probaabilistic and Non-Traditional Approaches for dealing with Uncertainty"
    Dr E. Patelli, UK, Dr M.A. Valdebenito, Chile, Dr M. Broggi, Germany and Professor M. Beer, Germany
  • CC 27. "Computaional Efficient Models for Non-Linear Inelastic Analysis of Building Frameworks",
    Professor Cosmin Chiorean, Romania and Professor Ricardo Silveira, Brazil
  • CC 28. "Uncertainty Quantification in Simulation and Design of Large Civil Engineering Systems"
    Dr Pengfei Wei, China, Dr Sifeng Bi, Germany and Professor Michael Beer, Germany
  • CC 29. "Novel Stochastic Dynamics Methodologies for Civil Engineering Applications"
    Dr Ioannis P. Mitseas, Germany, Professor Michael Beer, Germany, Professor Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou, USA and Professor Jianbing Chen, Germany
  • CC 30. "Experimental, Numerical and Analytical Issues on Structural Safety and Strengthening of Masonry Arch Structures"
    Dr. Danila Aita, Dr. Nicola Cavalagli, Dr. Paolo Zampieri and Dr. Mariano Zanini, Italy
  • CC 31. "Probabilistic Approaches to Structural Mechanics"
    Professor A. El-Hami, France and Professor B. Radi, Morocco

Conference Themes

All presentations will be related to computing as applied, in the widest sense, to Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. The range of areas considered by the Conference will include (but not be confined to):

Professional and Practice Issues:

  • Professional Issues for Engineering Computer Users
  • Misuse of Computers
  • Quality Assessment
  • Software Standards, Quality Assurance and Benchmarking
  • Model Verification and Validation

Techniques and Tools:

  • Data Management and Retrieval Systems
  • Uncertainty Models
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Data Acquisition and Control Systems
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Integrated Design Systems
  • Management Systems
  • Mobile Computing
  • GIS
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Real-Time 3D Simulation
  • Large Scale Simulation
  • Computational Steering
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Design
  • Fuzzy Methods
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making
  • Mathematical Software
  • OOP
  • Adaptive Methods
  • Case Based Design
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Technology

Areas of Application:

  • Structural Engineering including Steel, Composite, Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures
  • Bridge Structures
  • Structural Integrity
  • Composite Structures
  • Smart Structures
  • Structural Control
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Modelling of Concrete Durability
  • Formfinding, Topology and Structural Morphology
  • Buckling and Stability
  • Linear and Non-linear Dynamics
  • Analysis of Semi-rigid Connections
  • Space, Tension and Shell Structures
  • Soil-Structure Interaction (static and dynamic)
  • Analysis and Design of Pavements
  • Geotechnical Modelling, Analysis and Design
  • Numerical Modeling in Geotechnics
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Dam Engineering
  • Slope Design
  • Rock Mechanics
  • Ground Vibration
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Transport and Highways Engineering
  • Construction Automation and Robotics
  • Construction and Civil Engineering: Management and Productivity
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Project Management
  • Civil Engineering Surveying
  • Civil Engineering Management
  • Construction Lifetime Costs
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Water Resources Enginering
  • Enviromental Modelling
  • Offshore Structures
  • Wind Engineering
  • Wind Turbines
  • Computer Controlled Site Instrumentation
  • Optimisation: Structural Optimisation and Sensitivity Analysis - please submit to CIVIL-COMP-OPTI 2019
  • Monitoring of Structures & Buildings
  • Structural Health Monitoring Technologies
  • Seismic Response of Structures and the Environment
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Structural Identification
  • Analysis and Design of Strengthening for Structures
  • Assessment of Structures
  • Timber Structures
  • Structural Damage Detection and Identification
  • Computational Modelling for Nanotechnology
  • Modelling Mechanical Behaviour at the Nano- and Mesoscale
  • Railway Engineering
  • Optimal Structural Control under Stochastic Uncertainty
  • Model Predictive Structural Control (MPSC)
  • Stochastic Mechanics and Reliability
  • Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Fire Structural Design
  • Multi Scale Modelling, Multi-Scale Analysis
  • Safety Analysis

Computational Technology Issues including Hardware and Software:

  • Grid and Cloud Computing
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Supercomputing
  • Heterogenous Computing
  • Large Scale Simulation and Modelling
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Graphics and Design
  • Product Modelling
  • Information Systems
  • World Wide Web Applications
  • Visualisation
  • Decision Support Systems New Algorithms
  • Solvers
  • Solution-Finding Algorithms
  • Genetic Algorithms - please submit to CIVIL-COMP-OPTI 2019
  • Neural Networks - please submit to CIVIL-COMP-OPTI 2019
  • Product Modelling
  • Design Integration

Conference Chairmen and

Professor Barry Topping
Heriot-Watt University, UK
and Pecs University, Hungary

Professor Peter Ivanyi
Pecs University, Hungary

Conference Editorial Advisory Board:

Dr Jose M. Adam Martinez - Spain
Prof Hojjat Adeli - USA
Prof Sondipon Adhikari - UK
Asc. Prof. S. Adriaenssens - USA
Dr Danila Aita - Italy
Dr Pedro Antunes - UK
Prof J.V. Araujo dos Santos - Portugal
Prof Amjad J. Aref - USA
Prof Harm Askes - UK
Prof J.R. Banerjee - UK
Prof Evgeny Barkanov - Latvia
Prof K.J. Bathe - USA
Prof Francois Bay - France
Prof Michael Beer - Germany
Prof Dimitri E. Beskos - Greece
Dr Michele Betti - Italy
Dr Sifeng Bi - China
Prof Manfred Bischoff - Germany
Prof Jan Blachut - UK
Prof Bijan Boroomand - Iran
Dr Matteo Broggi - Germany
Dr Jiri Brozovsky - Czech Republic
Dr Matteo Bruggi - Italy
Prof Michael Brunig - Germany
Prof John W Bull - UK
Dr Pierfrancesco Cacciola - UK
Prof Dinar Camotim - Portugal
Prof Rui M. M. Carneiro de Barros - Portugal
Prof Erasmo Carrera - Italy
Prof Fabio Casciati - Italy
Dr Nicola Cavalagli - Italy
Dr Gabriel Cederbaum - Israel
Prof A.H.C. Chan - Australia
Dr Athanasios P. Chassiakos - Greece
Prof Jianbing Chen - China
Prof Giorgio Chiandussi - Italy
Prof Cosmin G Chiorean - Romania
Dr Corrado Chisari - UK
Dr F. Clementi - Italy
Prof Georgios Constantinides - Cyprus
Prof Ottavia Corbi - Italy
Prof Alberto Corigliano - Italy
Prof Aniko Csebfalvi - Hungary
Prof. Dr. L.R.O. de Lima - Brazil
Dr Marco C. De Simone - Italy
Prof S. Ozgur Degertekin - Turkey
Prof Marco Di Sciuva - Italy
Dr Daniel Dias-da-Costa - Australia
Dr Ioannis Doltsinis - Germany
Dr Marco Domaneschi - Italy
Prof M. Domaszewski - France
Prof Laszlo Dunai - Hungary
Prof Abdelkhalak El Hami - France
Prof D. Eyheramendy - France
Dr N. Fantuzzi - Italy
Dr Fernando Ferreira - Portugal
Dr Antonio Formisano - Italy
Assoc Prof Dora Foti - Italy
Prof Dan M. Frangopol - USA
Prof Giuseppe Gambolati - Italy
Prof C. Gantes - Greece
Prof Marco Gherlone - Italy
Dr Maria Girardi - Italy
Prof Luis Godinho - Portugal
Prof Thomas Gratsch - Germany
Prof George A. Gravvanis - Greece
Prof R. Greco - Italy
Prof R.M. Guedes - Portugal
Prof M.N.S. Hadi - Australia
Prof G. Hofstetter - Austria
Prof Camille A. Issa - Lebanon
Prof Peter Ivanyi - Hungary
Prof B.A. Izzuddin - UK
Prof Ondrej Jirousek - Czech Republic
Dr E.S. Kameshki - Bahrain
Prof Marcin Kaminski - Poland
Dr Alper Kanyilmaz - Italy
Prof A. Kaveh - Iran
Professsor David Kennedy - UK
Prof Eisuke Kita - Japan
Prof Stanislav Kmet - Slovakia
Dr. Petros Komodromos - Cyprus
Prof Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou - USA
Prof G. Kouroussis - Belgium
Dr. Piotr Koziol - Poland
Prof. J. Kruis - Czech Republic
Dr. Dmitri Kvasov - Italy
Prof Roman Lackner - Austria
Prof Pierre Ladeveze - France
Prof. Nikolaos D. Lagaros - Greece
Prof Luciano Lamberti - Italy
Prof R. Landolfo - Italy
Prof Frederic Lebon - France
Prof Roman Lewandowski - Poland
Dr Egidio Lofrano - Italy
Prof Janos Logo - Hungary
Prof S.M.R. Lopes - Portugal
Prof Paulo B. Lourenco - Portugal
Prof A. Luongo - Italy
Dr R. Ian Mackie - UK
Dr L. Macorini - UK
Prof F. Magoules - France
Prof Giulio Maier - Italy
Prof C.E. Majorana - Italy
Prof Andrea Manzoni - Italy
Prof G.C. Marano - Italy
Prof Stefano Mariani - Italy
Dr Valeri Markine - Netherlands
Prof Dr. Kurt Marti - Germany
Dr M.D. Martinez-Rodrigo - Spain
Dr M.G. Masciotta - Italy
Prof T.J. McCarthy - Australia
Dr G. Mejak - Slovenia
Dr Enrico Meli - Italy
Ass. Prof G. Milani - Italy
Dr Ioannis Mitseas - Germany
Dr Sassan Mohasseb - Switzerland
Prof Foudil Mohri - France
Dr F. Moleiro - Portugal
Prof F.J. Montans - Spain
Prof R. Montenegro Armas - Spain
Dr M. Morga - UK
Prof Evgeny V. Morozov - Australia
Prof Giuseppe Muscolino - Italy
Dr J. Naprstek - Czech Republic
Prof Luis F. Costa Neves - Portugal
Dr Gunwoo Noh - Korea
Dr Josef Novak - Czech Republic
Dr Daniel V. Oliveira - Portugal
Prof Hamid Reza Ovesy - Iran
Dr Alfonso Pagani - Italy
Dr Luis Pallares - Spain
Dr Francisco J. Pallares Rubio - Spain
Dr A. Palmeri - UK
Prof P.G. Papadopoulos - Greece
Dr Carmine Pappalardo - Italy
Dr Edoardo Patelli - UK
Dr Daniele Pellegrini - Italy
Prof. Carlo Pellegrino - Italy
Dr. Jiri Plesek - Czech Republic
Prof Joao Pombo - UK
Prof C. G. Provatidis - Greece
Prof Bouchaib Radi - Morocco
Prof F.G. Rammerstorfer - Austria
Prof Nicola L. Rizzi - Italy
Prof E. Rohan - Czech Republic
Prof M P Saka - Kingdom of Bahrain
Prof Ginevra Salerno - Italy
Professor Valentina Salomoni - Italy
Prof W. Salvatore - Italy
Prof Carlo Sansour - UK
Prof Luis Manuel Santos Castro - Portugal
Prof E.J. Sapountzakis - Greece
Dr. Anastasios G. Sextos - UK
Prof Ahmed A. Shabana - United States of America
Prof Shailendra K. Sharan - Canada
Prof Yong Sheng - UK
Prof Jose G.S. da Silva - Brazil
Professor Ricardo Silveira Brazil
Prof L.M. da Cruz Simoes - Portugal
Prof Scott W. Sloan - Australia
Prof J.E. Souza de Cursi - France
Prof K.V. Spiliopoulos - Greece
Prof G.E. Stavroulakis - Greece
Prof Ichiro Takahashi - Japan
Prof K.K. Tamma - USA
Prof Roberto A. Tenenbaum - Brazil
Dr Alexander Tessler - USA
Professor Patrizia Trovalusci - Italy
Prof Ching Piao Tsai - Taiwan
Prof J. Turmo - Spain
Dr Marcos Valdebenito - Chile
Dr Marcos Valdebenito - Chile
Prof. Humberto Varum - Portugal
Dr A. Vassiljev - Estonia
Prof P.C.G. da S. Vellasco - Brazil
Prof Paolo Venini - Italy
Prof Gerhard Venter - South Africa
Prof X. Sheldon Wang - USA
Dr Pengfei Wei - China
Dr Qizhi Xiao - UK
Dr D. Yang - UK
Prof Jie Yang - Australia
Prof Yeong-Bin Yang - Taiwan
Prof Gil Ho Yoon - Korea
Dr Paolo Zampieri - Italy
Dr Mariano Zanini - Italy
Dr Hexin Zhang - UK

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