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CST 2024 and ECT 2024 Paper Submissions
Submission Deadlines:

Paper DeadlineConference will advise of decision
Deadline before 1/Feb/2024before 1/March/2024

Paper submissions consist of four elements:

  • Entry into the online submission form all key data requested
  • A fully completed Copyright Form
  • A pdf of your paper in the correct format
  • The original word document of your paper (or alternatively your LaTex files in the correct file structure - in one zipped file.)
Please note the full paper is required before your paper can be reviewed for the conference. (Initial or preliminary abstracts are not required - the conference reviews full submissions only.)

The details of how to prepare the Copyright Form, Paper pdf and the Paper original document will be available here soon.

The details of how to prepare the Paper pdf and the Paper original document are: here.

Please note that the specification of the papers is different compared to previous years.

A link to the submission portal will be available here soon.

Please make special care of your submission. Failure to submit a complete paper or a paper not in the correct format will result in delay or your paper being returned to you.