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Railways 2024 Paper Submissions
Submission Deadlines:

Paper DeadlineConference will advise of decision
Deadline before 1/Feb/2024before 1/March/2024

Paper submissions consist of four elements:

  • Entry into the online submission form all key data requested
  • A fully completed Copyright Form
  • A pdf of your paper in the correct format
  • The original word document of your paper (or alternatively your LaTex files in the correct file structure - in one zipped file.)
Please note the full paper is required before your paper can be reviewed for the conference. (Initial or preliminary abstracts are not reequired - the conference reviews full subbmissions only.)

The details of how to prepare the Paper pdf and the Paper original document are: here.

Please note that the specification of the papers is different compared to previous years. -->

A link to the submission portal will be available here soon.

Please make special care of your submission. Failure to submit a complete paper or a paper not in the coreect format will result in delay or your paper being returned to you.