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The City of Pécs:
"The history of Pécs dates back over 2000 years, and the name of the old Roman town, "Sopianae" is still found in the names of institutions and products. Although its development suffered several setbacks throughout the centuries, such as the Tatar invasions or the Ottoman-Turkish Rule, it has not only survived, but developed into a pleasant, modern town, rich in historical monuments, an administrative, cultural and educational centre offering a lot to visitors. The town is famous for its museums, galleries, the festivals and cultural events it hosts. The centre of Pécs is a unique mixture of the relics of Early Christianity, the arrival of the Hungarians, the Turkish reign and the achievements of modern architecture and arts."

The Wikipedia page of the City of Pecs is here.

The Pécs webpage is here.

The "I Love Pécs Café" webpage is here. This Cafe, in the main square, is also the location of the Pécs Tourist Office

The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter is an outstanding place not to miss.

Great things to do in Pécs are reviewed here.

Think also about the possibility of visiting Budapest (not to be confused with Bucharest) on your way to or from the conference. Budapest is the capital of Hungary.

If you are thinking of staying longer then consider a visit to the nearby wine region of Villany or the spa town of Harkány.

Views of the City of Pécs:
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