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Civil-Comp Conferences for 2023

Final Conference Programme here

The year 2023 marks the fortieth anniversary of the first Civil-Comp Conference that was held in London, during 1983. Civil-Comp Conferences have been held regularly since that time at a wide range of locations including: Prague, Edinburgh, Lisbon, Madeira, Vienna, Naples, Montpellier, Riva del Garda, Funchal, Athens, Rome, Budapest, Leuven, Cagliari, Chania, Dubrovnik, Ajaccio, Valencia and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The following conferences will be held concurrently in Pécs, Hungary, 28-31 August 2023:

  • CIVIL-COMP 2023:
    The Seventeenth International Conference on
    Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing, 28-31 August 2023
    Pécs, Hungary

    The Sixth International Conference on
    Soft Computing, Machine Learning and Optimization in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering,
    28-31 August 2023
    Pécs, Hungary
  • PARENG 2023:
    The Seventh International Conference on
    Parallel, Distributed, GPU and Cloud Computing for Engineering,
    28-31 August 2023
    Pécs, Hungary

Key Organisational Matters:

  1. Participants will be able to attend presentations from any of the three Conferences.
  2. The Conferences will be physical conferences and there will not be facilities for virtual presentations.
  3. Authors will generally present one paper at one of the Conferences. Additional papers may be presented by an author but additional fees will apply. (Please the Registration link.)
  4. Authors must register for the conference by the deadline given in the Registration link for their paper to be included in the Conference Programme.
  5. Papers must be prepared using the conference layout and limited to no more than 10 pages. (See the Paper Submissions link.)
  6. All papers accepted and presented at the Conferences will be archived on the ctresources website and allocated a DOI.
  7. Full length papers may be submitted, after the conference, to the international journals "Computers and Structures" and "Advances in Engineering Software" for one of the Conference Journal Special Issues. More details will be given at the Conferences.
  8. The Opening of the Conferences will take place at 4.30pm (16.30) on Monday 28th August. It will be followed by a Welcome Drinks reception.
  9. The Conference Dinner will take place on the Evening of Wednesday 30th August. For details of tickets please see the Registration Link. The Venue for the Conference Event is the Bock Estate in Villany where the Bock family have been growing vines and producing the best red wine in this wine region since 1850. The Conference Dinner ticket will include a wine tasting followed by a traditional Hungarian Dinner.

    The Bock Winery
    The Wine Tasting Hall at the Bock Winery

E-mail contact for Registration Matters
conf2023 AT

E-mail contact Editorial and Paper Matters
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