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The Seventh International Conference on
Parallel, Distributed, GPU and Cloud Computing for Engineering
28-31 August 2023
Pécs, Hungary

organised in cooperation with the:
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Pécs, Hungary

Final Conference Programme here

This is the seventh in a series of conferences concerned with new developments and applications of high performance computing (including parallel, distributed, GPU and cloud computing) in engineering.

The conference will consider mathematical, computer science and engineering developments that impact on the use of HPC in engineering analysis, design, and simulation. Engineering is interpreted in its widest sense to include aeronautical, civil, mechanical, electrical, materials, bioengineering, geotechnical, structural and environmental fields.

Papers demonstrating the efficient use of parallel, distributed, GPU and cloud computing to engineering problems will be partitulalrly welcome.

Conference Themes
The mathematical and computer science aspects include, but are not limited to:
  • parallelization
  • domain decomposition
  • solution methods
  • partitioning
  • message passing systems
  • distributed systems
  • HPC architectures
  • GPU - CPUGPU - CUDA architectures
  • parallel and distributed system architectures
  • parallel and distributed software technologies
  • parallel and distributed algorithms
  • peer-to-peer computing
  • cluster computing
  • cloud computing
  • multicore and manycore computing
  • performance evaluation and measurement
  • tools and environments for software development
  • petaflop computing
  • parallellisation of sequential/legacy codes

Papers describing applications of HPC (parallel, distributed, GPU and grid computing) to engineering are invited, including, but not limited to:

  • computational methods in science and engineering
  • large scale computing
  • engineering simulation
  • engineering design and optimization
  • engineering assessment
  • visualization and VR
  • computational steering
  • machine learning and neural networks
  • genetic algorithms
  • evolutionary computing
  • cellular automata
  • data mining
  • meta-heuristics
  • optimization
  • high-performance scientific and engineering computing
  • bioinformatics
  • computational engineering on special purpose hardware
Papers describing the use of parallel, distributed, GPU and cloud computing in all aspects of engineering are included. Engineering areas include, but are not limited to: solid mechanics, computational fluid mechanics, geomechanics, soil structure interaction, fluid structure interaction, multi-physics simulation, optimization and design, environmental engineering, etc.
Special Sessions
A number of special sessions will be organised at this Conference. If you wish to participate in a special session please indicate this when you submit your paper. Over the coming months the list of special sessions will gradually grow.

The list of special sessions is being assembled.
The current list of special sessions is as follows:

Conference Editorial Board
The Conference Editorial Board is currently being assembled.
  • Prof. P. Iványi
  • Prof. J. Kruis
    Czech Republic
  • Prof. F. Magoulès
    France & Hungary
  • Prof. B.H.V. Topping
    United Kingdom & Hungary

Conference Chairmen
The Conference Chairmen are Prof. Peter Iványi (University of Pécs, Hungary), Prof. Barry H.V. Topping (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK and University of Pécs, Hungary) and Prof. Frédéric Magoulès (University Paris-Saclay, France, and University of Pécs, Hungary)