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Hotels for the 2023 Conferences:
For upto date current prices please see

More attractive rates maybe avaiable by booking directly with the hotel.

Limited Rooms may be available please book as early as possible.

The current list of Pécs hotels is:

  • Hotel Szinbad***
    Address: H-7624 Pécs, Klimo Gyorgy u. 9.
    Tel: +36-72-221-110
    Web: URL
    E-mail: szinbadpanzio AT

  • Hotel Barbakan***
    Address: H-7624 Pécs, Bartok Bela u. 10.
    Tel.: +36-72-517-692 Fax: +36-72-517-693 
    Web: URL
    E-mail: foglal AT

  • Corso Hotel Pécs****
    Address: H-7626 Pécs, Koller s. 8.
    Tel.: +36-72-421-900 Fax: +36-72-421-916
    Web: URL
    E-mail: reception AT

  • Centrum Apartments
    Address: H-7624 Pécs, Damjanich Janos u. 11.
    Tel: +36-72-251-184
    Web: URL
    E-mail: centrum AT

  • Agoston Hotel***
    Address: H-7625 Pécs, Felso havi u. 5.
    Tel: +36-72-510-496 Fax: +36-72-212-893
    Web: URL 1URL 2
    E-mail: info AT

  • Kalvaria Racz Hotel***
    Address: Pécs, Kalvaria u. 6
    Tel: +36-72-510-067 Fax: +36-72-510-068
    Web: URL
    E-mail: kalvaria-raczhotel AT

  • Szent Gyorgy Fogado***
    Address: Pécs, Nagyvarad u. 23.
    Tel: +36-72-221-121 Fax: +36-72-310-126
    Web: URL
    E-mail: info AT

  • Hotel Konig***
    Address: H-7621 Pécs, Dr. Majorossy u. 3.
    Tel.: +36-72-510-850 Fax: +36-72-510-851
    Web: URL
    E-mail: info AT; pecs AT

  • Hotel Millennium***
    Address: H-7625 Pécs, Kalvaria u. 58.
    Tel: +36-72-512-220 Fax: +36-72-512-223
    Web: URL
    E-mail: info AT

  • Hotel Palatinus****
    Address: H-7621 Pécs, Kiraly u. 5.
    Tel: +36-72-889-462 Fax: +36-72-889-462
    Web: URL
    E-mail: palatinuspatria.reservation AT

  • Central Hotel Pecs***
    Address: H-7621 Pécs, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 7.
    Tel: +36-72-525-602 Fax: +36-72-525-603
    Web: URL
    E-mail: hotel AT

  • Hotel Fenyves ***
    Address: H-7625 Pécs, Szolo u. 64.
    Tel: +36-72-315-996 Fax: +36-72-211-429
    Web: URL
    E-mail: hotel AT
    Notes: up on the hill, but on bus route; panorama

  • Hotel Diana***
    Address: 7621 Pécs, Timar u. 4/a
    Tel: +36-72-328-594 Fax: +36-72-333-373
    Web: URL
    E-mail: rikopecs0275 AT

  • Hotel Mediterran***
    Address: 7627 Pécs, Domorkapu-Hidegvolgyi ut 1.
    Tel: +36-72-514-110 Fax: +36-72-514-111
    Web: URL
    E-mail: mediterran AT
    Notes: on top of the hill, but on bus route

  • Hotel Makar Sport es Wellness****
    Address: H-7625 Pécs, Kozepmakar dulo 4.
    Tel: +36-72-224-400 Mobile: +36-30-400-9252 Fax: +36-72-224-306
    Web: URL 1
    E-mail: reservation AT

  • Boutique Hotel Sopianae****
    Address: H-7621 Pécs, Felsmalom u. 24.
    Tel: +36-72-517-770 Fax: +36-72-517-779
    Web: URL
    E-mail: info AT
    This hotel is the only boutique hotel in Pécs. It may be a little too far to walk to the conference venue. But remember taxis are very inexpensive in Pécs.

  • Art & Fitness Hotel Kikelet****
    Address:H-7635 Pécs, Karolyi Mihaly ut 1.
    Tel: +36 (72) 512 900 Fax: +36 (72) 512 901
    Web: URL
    E-mail: reception AT
    Notes: up on the hill, but on bus route; panorama
  • Pécs Hostel
    Tel.: +36-72-501-500 / extension 23645 (Weekdays from 10 to 16 CET)
    E-mail: info AT